Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sketchbook No. 1 - Birthday Inspiration

Last night, my dear friends (Barb, Kelly, Lori) took me out for a birthday movie and drinks afterwards (It was also Lori's B-Day too the week earlier). We went to see Farewell, My Queen....since Barb and Kelly just got back from Paris. What lucky girls! We were expecting an epic drama, but unfortunately, the movie was definitely a 'sleeper'......but the costumes and decor were divine!

Farm Chicks

I know that Farm Chicks was back in June....and I am only getting around to posting it now. Totally retarded I know. But my life has been a roller coaster ride since making the decision to move from Calgary to Toronto. And this is also why I have not posted on here for such a long time. Anyways, the months have now ticked down to weeks and now it is just 35 days away!

OK, now back to Farm Chicks. All I can say is A - M - A - Z - I - N - G!!!! Had a great road trip with one of my best buddy gals, Kelly (of Everything Toile) and her mom. Here are a few little tidbits of things I found interesting. Brought home some goodies too!

As you can see, I was totally loving nests! But who doesn't? 

And these booties with little nests tucked inside are so cute!

And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE bunnies!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage Jewelry Display

Over the years, I have been collecting orphaned sugar and creamer pots. I love the patina of the dark and dirty metal that has aged so perfectly. I started to do an easter themed display but then it took a life of its own. I looked into my jewelry boxes and pulled out some old rhinestone pieces that contrasted so lovely against the muted metals and dried moss. I hope you love the look as much as I do!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bride to Be

A few weeks ago, Noelle, one of my dear customers through my Etsy store inquired about looking for a ring holder that was similar in color to Princess Kate's blue sapphire engagement ring. I luckily had a ready-made ring holder that featured a saucer with the perfect royal blue. I sent the ring holder out pronto and it got there just in time for her sister's engagement party. Her sister's engagement ring (see below) sits on the ring holder and it matches it perfectly! Thank you so much Noelle for sharing this absolutely beautiful photo of your sister's special moment with me.

Photo Credit: Noelle Matthews

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Xmas Treasures

For my dear friend Barb, I gave her little christmas treasures wrapped with old sheet music and vintage newspaper clippings. They were finished with a sash of ribbon and bits of sparkly jewelry. So pretty.... Barb did not want to open them up!